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Tokaido celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new edition!

The year 2023 celebrates Tokaido's 10th anniversary. This game, which has become essential, marks a new stage in its life with a brand new edition adapted to today's world. Result, plastic removed, an optimized price, a smaller box, completely redone illustrations.
Thus, Tokaido grows and evolves with the players without changing the rules of the game, which remain intact.

In Tokaido 10th anniversary:
• All illustrations are previously unpublished
• The box is smaller
• The price too!
• All graphic elements have been reworked
• The plastic thermo has been removed
• The rules of the game do not change (approved by the players for 10 years).

Exclusively on our site: the pack of goodies offered for any purchase of Tokaido 10th anniversary!

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tokaido by meeting new characters on this legendary route!
This goodie pack adds:
• 4 encounter cards with effects different from the encounters in the base game.
• 5 alternative Traveler tiles.

    Tokaido, a game for the whole family!

    Created by bestselling author Antoine Bauza and talentedly illustrated by Naïade, Tokaido is a course and collection game for 2 to 5 players.
    The objective of the game is to make the most exotic and fulfilling trip possible. The player furthest back on the road is always the one playing. So don't move too quickly to enjoy the journey.
    During your walk, make regular stops on the magnificent game board. Stop at the places that interest you the most to appreciate all of their beauty. Make your journey unique.
    The philosophy of the game Appreciate the moment..
    Whether you're a foodie looking for local dishes, a souvenir collector, or a lover of beautiful scenery, you'll find Tokaido the perfect game to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of modern life.

    “A classic to have in your game library - Martin from Un monde de jeux..

    In the same universe, also find Tokaido Deluxe, Tokaido Duo And Namiji.

    Language: French

    Game time

    30 - 45 mins

    Numbers of players


    Recommended age

    8 YEARS AND +

    How to play ?

    Learn how to play with this explanatory video.

    Download the rules

    Contents of the box

    • 1 livret de règles
    • 1 plateau de jeu
    • 5 pions Voyageurs
    • 5 marqueurs Points de Voyage
    • 5 jetons Baluchons
    • 50 pièces de monnaie
    • 60 cartes Panorama
    • 12 cartes Sources chaudes
    • 25 cartes Repas
    • 24 cartes Souvenirs
    • 14 cartes Rencontres
    • 7 cartes Accomplissements
    • 1 sac en tissu
    • 10 tuiles Voyageur

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