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Discover the adaptation of the board game phenomenon Tokaido translated into 16 languages!

A wonderful trip

Take on the role of a traveler in the heart of ancient Japan on the legendary East Sea route from Kyoto to Edo, and try to make the trip as fulfilling as possible.
Discover the most magnificent landscapes, taste the many culinary specialties, acquire rare and precious souvenirs, bathe in the hot springs, visit the temples and meet other travelers…
Tokaido is an initiatory journey at the heart of which presides serenity and contemplation.
But, don't let yourself be deceived by the peaceful appearance of the trip because you will indeed have to show yourself to be a more shrewd strategist than your competitors to achieve victory! Whether you slip into the skin of a messenger, a geisha or even a ronin, you will have to discover the maximum of hidden wonders all along the road so that your trip is the most complete of all!

A unique atmosphere

Discover characters and settings in a new light!
Developed by Funforge, original publisher of the board game, the video game offers an entirely new graphical experience!
Whether you are a fan of the first hour, a lover of Japan, or a curious novice, the digital version allows everyone to discover the famous Tokaido road in a new form.
Tokaido, while retaining the famous sleek design of the board game, offers new graphics and real-time 3D immersion, all accompanied by a superb new soundtrack, composed especially for the game.

Play everywhere, alone, in pairs, or with the whole world

Available on smartphones, tablets, Mac and PC; Tokaido offers several modes for endless replayability:

  • Alone against artificial intelligence
  • pass & play
  • Online Multiplayer

Supported languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Chinese.

The best board game you can play on your phone!

Not only does Tokaido succeed in bringing the game to a digital platform, but it manages the splits. That of offering a real and rich video game experience. A perfect example of what ports should be.

Tokaïdo is a software that will delight fans of board games, those who already know it will appreciate this magnificent adaptation and those who don't know it will discover a game that is out of the ordinary, a marvel.

It's an absolutely fantastic port - an incredible level of love and passion has gone into it, and I just can't wait to play it again.