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Welcome, travellers, to the Japanese island of Shikoku!

In Tokaido Duo, two players explore the smallest island in the Japanese archipelago.
You will cross its landscapes, each embodying three different characters, and therefore experience a spiritual journey from three angles.

  • As a pilgrim, you will visit temples, forests, coastlines and hot springs.
  • As a merchant, you will craft and sell handcrafted souvenirs.
  • As an artist, you will paint a variety of beautiful landscapes and donate your artwork.

The experience of each character will earn you points. However, the game ends once a player successfully completes the objective of one of their three characters.

Tokaido Duo is an alternate 2-player version of the Tokaido game. The Tokaido game is not required to play.

Title: Français

Game time


Numbers of players


Recommended age


How to play ?

Learn how to play with this explanatory video.

Download the rules

Contents of the box

  • 1 plateau de jeu
  • 6 plateaux de Personnage
  • 26 jetons Souvenir
  • 24 jetons Pièce
  • 20 jetons Peinture
  • 12 jetons Plaquette d'Or
  • 8 jetons Commerce
  • 6 meeples en bois
  • 3 dés spéciaux
  • 3 jetons Vague
  • 1 jeton Source Chaude
  • 1 livret de règles
  • 1 sac en tissu

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