Zombicide:Night of the Living Dead™

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Will you survive the night of the living dead ?

Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead™ is a cooperative survival game in which players take part in the eponymous classic horror film by George A. Romero. During a large number of campaigns, they will embody the survivors and will have to fight hordes of zombies in breathtaking modular scenarios! The more the night passes, the more zombies there are, and their tactics also evolve over the course of the game. Survival will be more and more difficult as the barricades crumble and the level of danger increases... Fortunately, you are not powerless in the face of the situation. Search the surroundings, equip yourself with what you can find, use your skills to fend off the threat! Will you hold out until dawn ?

classic horror movie, Night of the Living Dead is a film that evokes the fear and paranoia that plagued society at the end of the 60s. But it is above all the film that laid the foundations of the zombie genre as we know it today. Ordinary people who, surrounded by hordes of ruthless cannibalistic monsters, reveal their true nature that lurks beneath the everyday mask. Mindless hordes wandering aimlessly out there or hateful individuals ready to do anything to survive cloistered in the refuges, who are the real monsters The game Night of the Living Dead allows each participant to take on the role of their favorite survivor. The scenes and elements presented in this box make it possible to recreate the atmosphere and the situations encountered in the film. You can choose to approach them in different ways, brutal or insidious, carefully planned or in total chaos; today, you decide the script!

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How to play ?

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Contents of the box

  • 6 fiches d'identité recto-verso
  • 6 dalles recto-verso
  • 12 figurines Survivant
  • 54 figurines Mort-vivant
  • 65 cartes Équipement
  • 46 cartes Mort-vivant
  • 25 pions
  • 6 dés
  • 12 socles de survivants colorés
  • 48 pointeurs
  • 6 tableaux de bord de survivant

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