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Discover the superb case containing the wooden tokens from the famous Namiji board game!

Faux leather exterior with lever latches and interior upholstered in turquoise blue fabric, it will ideally protect your tokens!

Inside you will find no less than 133 wooden tokens:
  • 50 Crustacean tokens (10 orange crabs, 10 black crabs, 15 orange shrimp, 15 black shrimp)
  • 48 Fish tokens (16 green, 16 blue, 16 yellow)
  • 12 Net tokens
  • 5 Arrival tokens
  • 8 Rainbow Fish tokens
  • 10 special Crustacean tokens
Enough to magnify your games!

These wooden tokens come from the Namiji board game, and cannot be played without the base game.

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