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Develop your Civilization to dominate your opponents!

The fate of your civilization rests on your shoulders!

Monumental is a massive board game for 1-4 players (5 with the Lost Kingdoms expansion), where you and your opponents will compete to lead your civilization to glory through the ages.

A game starts in the Classic era (Antiquity). Over time, you will assemble your armed forces to conquer new territories, advance your scientific research to equip your civilization with new technologies, build breathtaking Wonders with unique powers, and develop your cultural policies to lead your people towards the victory.

Each civilization starts with its personal arsenal of cards, each with its own cultural specificities, as well as an army to explore and conquer the various provinces of the board. Each turn, you will activate your cards by combining their effects, to develop your civilization and conquer the world. But you are not alone in the fight - your opponents, each in charge of their own civilization, will try to get ahead of you at the slightest sign of weakening on your part. A game of Monumental is played over several Eras, each with its own set of new cards to acquire and use.

At the very beginning of the game, your City is a small village whose name is lost in the wind of the plains. But at the end of the game, thanks to the many cards you will have obtained, the whole world will admire your monumental City, the jewel of a glorious nation!

War being inevitable, you will need to lead your legions into battle when necessary. Defeat the barbarians and conquer the protohistoric Free Cities to plunder their resources, then use them to lead the fight against your rivals! Thanks to a panel of diverse and varied units and a richly illustrated modular board, you can place your armies as you wish to extend your influence on the ground.

It is obvious that the cards you activate in your City, as well as those you acquire with your resources, will be the key to victory. You'll need to find the right balance between all the different types of cards, as each will give you unique benefits. Optimize the efficiency of your deck and anticipate the cards to come to gain the upper hand!

In Monumental, the main game mechanic is called "cross-tapping". To activate the cards of your City (a grid of 3*3 cards), you will have to choose a row and a column and activate them at the same time by rotating the 5 cards concerned. You can choose any row and any column. This innovative mechanic incorporates deck-building mechanics in a whole new way to plan and use the cards in your deck - combo efficiency and optimization will be the pillars of victory.

As the game progresses, your City will evolve. You will start the game with Basic Buildings and limited interaction, but by the end of the game your City will be full of advanced Buildings, powerful Wonders, and immense Knowledge. But your City is made up of 9 cards, and you can only activate 5 per turn; your choices will therefore be difficult, each card having its usefulness.

Deckbuilding and cross-activation form the innovative mechanical foundation of Monumental, and form the foundations of its endless replayability.

Title: Français

Game time

60 - 120 MINS

Numbers of players


Recommended age


How to play ?

Learn how to play with this explanatory video.

Download the rules

Contents of the box


  • 105 cartes Civilisation :
    75 cartes de civilisation (1 pioche de 15 cartes par civilisation, contenant 5 Camps de travail, 3 Bibliothèques, 3 Forts, 1 Forum, 1 Mine, 1 Bâtiment spécial et 1 Connaissance)
  • 25 cartes Politique Culturelle (5 par civilisation) 
  • 5 cartes Chef de guerre (1 par civilisation)
  • 54 cartes Développement: 16 cartes Ère Classique (I), 13 cartes Ère Médiévale (II), 9 cartes Ère Moderne (III), 12 cartes Renaissance (R), 4 cartes de Séparation (I, II, III, and Renaissance) 
  • 30 cartes Bâtiment de Base : 
    10 cartes Atelier, 10 cartes Laboratoire, 10 cartes Champ de Tir
  • 20 cartes Automa :
    15 cartes Action, 5 cartes Civilisation 
  • 24 cartes Héros & Monstre : 
    12 cartes Héros, 12 cartes Monstre


  • 5 jetons Chef de Guerre (1 par civilisation) 
  • 45 jetons Soldat (9 par civilisation) 
  • 10 jetons Explorateurs (2 par civilisation)
  • 10 jetons Avant-Poste (2 par civilisation) 
  • 12 jetons Héros
  • 12 jetons Monstre


  • 40 tuiles de Terrain : 
  • 4 tuiles Capitale 
  • 36 tuiles Province


  • 39 compteurs de Ressources : 
  • 12 Production (noir)
  • 15 Militaire (rouge)
  • 12 Science (bleu) 
  • 5 compteurs de Construction de Merveille (orange)


  • 5 jetons Chef de Guerre (1 par civilisation) 
  • 45 jetons Soldat (9 par civilisation) 
  • 10 jetons Explorateurs (2 par civilisation)
  • 10 jetons Avant-Poste (2 par civilisation) 
  • 12 jetons Héros
  • 12 jetons Monstre


  • 5 figurines Chef de Guerre (1 par civilisation) 
  • 45 figurines Soldat (9 par civilisation) 
  • 10 figurines Explorateurs (2 par civilisation)
  • 10 figurines Avant-Poste (2 par civilisation) 
  • 12 figurines Héros
  • 12 figurines Monstre
  • 56 bases colorées (14 par civilisation)

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