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Infuse the power of African cultures into your games of Monumental!

Monumental is a next-gen civilization game created by Matthew Dunstan, filled with innovative mechanics that take the best of deck-building mechanics and 4X games. From 1 to 4 players (5 with the first Lost Kingdoms expansion), raise your empire, expand your knowledge and build majestic Wonders as you explore and conquer the known world to bring forth the most glorious civilization of all time.

In addition to containing 3 all-new civilizations and their respective gameplay specifics, African Empires is packed with all-new exclusive mechanics aimed at enhancing the base game experience by injecting a new dose of strategy, making this expansion a must-have. -have for all Monumental fans!

African Empires is the second expansion of Monumental and cannot be played without the base game (Core Box).

Radically change your games of Monumental with this new extension!

Title: Français

Game time

60 - 120 MINS

Numbers of players


Recommended age


How to play ?

Learn how to play with this explanatory video.

Download the rules

Contents of the box


  • 69 nouvelles cartes de civilisation
  • 25 cartes de Développement
  • 20 cartes Révolte
  • 14 cartes Automa
  • 12 cartes Quête


  • 15 tuiles Terrain
  • 79 jetons (Gain Commercial, Échange, Force cachée)
  • 9 jetons de Merveille
  • 35 jetons d'Action pour le mode Continu
  • 5 jetons de score commercial


  • 3 jetons Chef de Guerre (1 par civilisation) 
  • 27 jetons Soldat (9 par civilisation) 
  • 6 jetons Explorateurs (2 par civilisation)
  • 6 jetons Avant-Poste (2 par civilisation) 
  • 4 jetons Héros
  • 4 jetons Monstres
  • 15 tuiles Terrain
  • 79 jetons (Gain Commercial, Échange, Force cachée)
  • 24 jetons Comptoir commercial
  • 21 jetons de Merveille


  • 36 compteurs de ressources : 12 Production, 12 Science, 12 Militaire
  • 35 pions d'action (mode de jeu continu)
  • 5 pions de Piste commerciale

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