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Travellers, discover traditional Japanese festivities!

Thanks to Matsuri, the Tokaido route will now be punctuated by traditional Japanese festivities, and explored by 16 new travellers!

These Matsuri ("festivals" in Japanese), triggered by the Travelers passing through the Intermediate Relays, punctuate the route with unique events!

Matsuri is an extension for the board game Tokaido, and cannot be played without the base game AND its first extension, Crossroads.

The contributions of the Matsuri extension are numerous. With this expansion, the Tokaido journey is now punctuated by special events!

From now on, the Travelers stopping in each of the 3 intermediate Relays triggers a Matsuri ("festival" in Japanese).

Once all travelers have arrived at the Relay (when they have all used their ability and purchased their Meal card), the first player to arrive at the Relay draws 2 Matsuri cards. The player looks at the 2 cards, chooses one and places the second under the draw pile without showing it to the other players.

The top Matsuri card is placed on the draw pile face up, so that all players can take notice. The card's effect is applied the moment it is revealed.

The perfect expansion to approach Tokaido in a new way!

Title: Français

Game time

30 - 45 mins

Numbers of players


Recommended age


How to play ?

Learn how to play with this explanatory video.

Download the rules

Contents of the box

  • 20 cartes Matsuri
  • 20 jetons Points de Voyage (recto-verso, d'une valeur de 1 à 4)
  • 4 jetons station fermée
  • 5 jetons Poupée / Carpe (recto-verso)
  • 16 tuiles Nouveaux Voyageurs
  • 1 livret de règles

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