Sheriff of Nottingham

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Bargain, bribe, and bluff to become the richest merchant in Nottingham!

In Nottingham, Merchants who thrive are those who sell the most prized items. But the vigilant Sheriff stands guard at the gates of the city, to prevent the passage of this contraband". The merchants therefore hide their clandestine goods, but the Sheriff sniffs out the dirty tricks... Who will slip through the cracks?

In Sheriff of Nottingham, players are cunning merchants who break into the city through bluffing and bribery. Each round, one of the players assumes the role of the Sheriff in search of Contraband, collecting the fines from the pockets of the smugglers. But beware, honest merchants unfairly searched will be able to ask for compensation!

This 2nd edition of the game includes a variant for 6 players, Sheriff's Deputies, and the Black Market which will reward the most daring merchants.

Title: Français

Game time


Numbers of players


Recommended age


How to play ?

Learn how to play with this explanatory video.

Download the rules

Contents of the box

  • 204 cartes Marchandises
  • 144 cartes Marchandises légales
  • 60 cartes Marchandises de contrebande
  • 12 cartes Marchandises royales
  • 6 cartes Adjoint
  • 6 cartes Marché noir
  • 6 cartes Aides de jeu
  • 133 pièces d'Or
  • 1 pion Shérif
  • 2 pions Adjoint
  • 1 tuile Butin
  • 6 Stands marchands
  • 6 sacs
  • 1 livret de règles

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