Nemesis:Forbidden Stories #1

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Sold exclusively on our shop, the Nemesis: Forbidden Stories #1 expansion is now available in French. (limited quantity and while stocks last).

Note: This expansion requires the Nemesis game to be played.

Nemesis: Forbidden Stories #1 is a narrative expansion in the form of a comic book. This contains several missions to play in the campaign:

Mission 1: Break the quarantine
Mission 2: The Flying Dutchman
Mission 3A: The blockade
Mission 3B: A friend who wishes you well
Mission 4: Post Mortem

Each of these missions is presented in the form of an atmospheric comic book making each part highly immersive (dialogues and superb illustrations). Reading the comic allows you to immediately dive into the ruthless universe of Nemesis!

These scenarios were designed to be played in cooperative mode and between 2 and 5 players.

Collector's extension and in limited quantity.

Content :
-A 70-page comic book containing 4 missions to play in cooperative mode
-50 cardboard markers

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