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Become the master planner of a new type of city!

2212: the Ginkgo Balboa, the oldest and strongest tree on the planet, has become the symbol of a new way of building cities, in symbiosis with nature. Indeed, men have almost exhausted the resources that the Earth offered them. They must now develop cities that preserve the delicate balance between the resources produced and consumed. However, living space is scarce; it is necessary to build in height, which is difficult. To develop this new type of city, you will gather around you a team of experts, and try to become the best urban planner in Ginkgopolis.

In Ginkgopolis, the tiles that form the city are of three different colors: the yellow ones bring victory points, the red ones resources, and the blue ones bring new Building tiles. The game begins with a partially formed city, surrounded by Urbanization tokens (letters of the alphabet ranging from A to L) which will determine where new buildings can be placed.

Each turn, each player chooses a card from their hand and plays it face down, then all played cards are revealed simultaneously. New Building tiles are then added to the edges of the city at the coordinates indicated by the cards, or above existing buildings. Every card in your hand that you don't play is passed to your left neighbour, so weigh the pros and cons when deciding which chances to pass to your opponents! When you add a new tile to the town, you get a Character card of the same color; these will give you access to powerful abilities during the game, for example by boosting your building construction and your points gains.

Language: French

Game time


Numbers of players


Recommended age


How to play ?

Learn how to play with this explanatory video.

Download the rules

Contents of the box

  • 60 tuiles Bâtiment
  • 99 cartes
  • 125 ressources en bois
  • 10 jetons Changer sa main
  • 12 jetons Urbanisation
  • 5 paravents
  • 4 Jetons Points de réussite
  • 15 pions Chantier
  • 1 carte Premier joueur
  • 1 livret de règles

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