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Brass:Lancashire , formerly known as Brass, tells the story of entrepreneurs in and around Lancashire during England's Industrial Revolution, between 1770 and 1870. To face fierce competition from your adversaries, you will develop your empire by establishing naval and rail links, and thus building and developing various industries, including Cotton Mills, Coal Mines, Ironworks, Shipyards and Ports.

Brass is a game of strategy and economic management where players compete to earn maximum points by capitalizing on their production of iron, coal and cotton. The game takes place in two distinct parts:the Canal Period and the Railway Period. The player with the most victory points at the end of the Railroad Period is declared the winner. At the end of each Period, players get VP for the Links they have built as well as for the Industry tiles they own that have been turned over.

Construction, development, loans, sales... so many tools that will allow you to place yourself at the top of the Industrial Revolution!

Brass:Lancashire won the Meeples' Choice Award and the Jogo do Ano award in 2007. It has also been nominated for the Golden Geek Best Gamer's Board Game, the International Gamers Awards, the Tric Trac award and the Nederlandse Spellenprijs.

Title: French

Game time

60 - 120 MINS

Numbers of players


Recommended age

14 AND +

How to play ?

Learn how to play with this explanatory video.

Download the rules

Contents of the box

  • 1 Plateau de jeu central
  • 4 Plateaux de joueur
  • 4 Tuiles Personnage
  • 4 Marqueurs de revenu
  • 4 Marqueurs de Points de victoire (PV)
  • 56 tuiles Liaison recto-verso (14 par couleur)
  • 148 tuiles Industrie (37 par couleur)
  • 66 cartes Lieu et Industrie
  • 68 Pièces de monnaie
  • 24 cubes noirs (charbon)
  • 16 cubes oranges (fer)
  • 1 Marqueur du Marché extérieur de coton
  • 12 Tuiles Marché extérieur de coton
  • 1 Tuile Stephenson/Rothschild
  • 1 Livret de règles
  • 4 aides de jeu

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