Civilization and deckbuilding game!

Jeu de civilisation et deckbuilding !

In Monumental, fight your opponents, collect resources, build wonders and defend your territories from enemy attacks. You have 3 Eras to prosper and rise above other civilizations!

Buy new cards and get rid of less effective ones to optimize your game turns.

In Monumental, play one of the 5 asymmetric civilizations from the base box or one of those offered in the game's expansions: Lost Kingdoms And African Empires.

Complete range:

MONUMENTAL: basic box
LOST KINGDOMS: first extension
AFRICAN EMPIRES: second extension.

Play the best of civilization gaming combined with innovative deckbuilding mechanics!

Monumental was successfully funded on Kickstarter before arriving in shop in its classic version (the deluxe Kickstarter version remains Kickstarter Exclusive).

Monumental and its two extensions are now available at your favorite retailers!

Game : Monumental
Author : Matthew Dunstan
Numbers of players : 1 to 4 (1 to 5 with the Lost Kingdoms expansion)
Age : From 10 years old
Duration : 90-120 minutes
Editor: Funforge
Distributor France: Asmodee France
Illustrators: Paul Mafayon, Georges Gorg Bouchelaghem, Fajareka Setiawan, Agri Karuniawan, Asep Ariyanto, Maerel Hibadita, Tey Bartolome, Justine Cruz, Wyn Lacabra, Raph Lomotan, Brian Valeza, Chang-Wei Chen, Andreas Rocha, Marco Gorlei, Hendry Iwanaga, Philippe Nouhra , Charles-Victorien Kaing, Grafit Studio, Ivan Sevic, Roman Tishenin, Piotr Dura, Eugenia Firs, Jordan Albro, Orion Vang, Esmail Zalat, Uros Sljivic, Heng Tang, Tomislav Jagnjic, Alisher Mirzoev, Tuan Nguyen, Alexandre Mokhov, Goodname Studio , Martin Mottetet

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