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Created by bestselling author Bruno Cathala, Donuts is a placement game offering short and cerebral games.

In this abstract game for 2 players, your objective is to line up 5 donuts of your color to win the game. The instructions are simple, the rules are explained in less than two minutes and yet, Donuts is a highly tactical game.

The pleasure of the game lies in its infinite replayability and in the frantic desire to play again at the end of a game! Play, play, play, and learn from your mistakes to win your next games. The four modular boards are never the same from game to game, and most games last less than five minutes.

Bruno Cathala avec son jeu Donuts
“I consider this game to be the most accomplished thing I have done in terms of game design. My holy grail, in a way.” - Bruno Cathala, author of Donuts.

Game : Donuts
Author : Bruno Cathala
Illustrator: Philippe Nouhra
Numbers of players : 2
Age : From the age of 8
Editor: Funforge
Distributor France: Asmodee France

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