💕 2 Player Selection 💕

💕 Sélection 2 joueurs 💕

D-5 before Valentine's Day

Here is our selection of board games to play together! 👥

Tokaido Duo: Explore the Japanese island of Shikoku, each playing three different characters to experience a spiritual journey from three angles. The experience of each character will earn you points. However, the game ends once a player succeeds in accomplishing the objective of one of their three characters.

Donuts: The gourmet clash for 2 players where you have to be the first to line up 5 donuts of your color. Donuts is an abstract game in which no two games are alike thanks to its 4 small double-sided boards forming a different board for each new duel!

The Wolf People My Adventure: Taken from the film of the same name, Wolf People My Adventure is a two-player game in which you must compete to create your story in grid form using a shared draw pile. When both players have completed their grid, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

Fairy Trails: Trace your path through the enchanted forest by placing cards in play in turn. Once a path is completed, players place a stone on each house connected by that path. The player who places all their stones first wins the game!

Have a good time everyone and happy Valentine’s Day 🫶🏼


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